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How it works

We take the hassle out of property management-- that's the Vivid Difference

  • Vivid Colorado will manage renting your property to clean, reputable renters. We’ll handle the screening, processing payments, cleaning, and paying you in a timely manner. We will promote your property and set the price at comparable rates to keep good turnover. You’ll be able to use your property as frequently as you like-- just tell us the dates you want to rent and we’ll go from there. Most importantly, your property will be respected. 

Your house, your rules...

  • Define your own screening preferences so our team will know which inquiries to accept and which to decline. You only need to tell us once. When a guest asks a question to which you have already supplied us an answer, we will store your answer and send it to him/her for immediate consideration. 

Get paid regularly

  • We charge 22.5% of the net amount that we receive from each booking that we manage. We will pay you monthly by check or direct deposit, whichever you prefer.  Be mindful that we will only pay you when we secure payment ourselves-- and remember, we will absorb all online listing fees, marketing costs, and cleaning expenses. There are no hidden fees associated with our listings. 

Our Services

24/7 Guest Correspondence

Our professional receptionist team will screen, communicate with, and support your guests before and during their stay to ensure they feel secure every step of the way... and ensure they have a positive experience.

Key Drop-off & Orientation

Our booking team will coordinate key drops with the person who will meet your guests to open doors, generate key codes on electric locks, or update any third party you may already be using. We also conduct a walk-through orientation and property inspection before the stay begins.

Maintenance & Cleaning Services

We streamline cleaning your property after each rental using our own cleaning crew or a cleaning crew of your choosing. We handle all restocking and maintenance issues to make sure your property is always in tip-top shape.  

Listings in & around Buena Vista, CO

Game Trail #1 / $350 per night

Beautiful mountain lodge, hikes to nearby Mt. Princeton

Charming Chalet #2 / $220 per night

Sweeping views, rustic character... located near downtown Biewnie

Spanish Hacienda #3 / $325 per night

See your family here! Recently renovated with full game room the kiddos will love!

Property owners have questions, so we try to have answers.

What does Vivid Colorado do?

Vivid Colorado offers property listings for DAILY, WEEKLY, or MONTHLY RENTALS and services for property owners like you. We achieve this by listing and managing your property on a variety of vacation property websites such as Airbnb, Vacasa, and VRBO, all of which are reputable and offer protection to property owners. Next, we handle the logistics of your property's listing on these sites (we do the photography, write the descriptive content, and monitor reviews to help market your property effectively). We use additional software to manage these multiple listings in a manner that maximizes your property's earning potential.

Why should I use you guys?

Simply put, you probably have better things to do than manage multiple online listings and the hassle that comes with the  frequent back-and-forth with prospective guests-- not to mention the headache of scheduling keydrops and cleaning crews. But this is what we do. Additionally-- and especially if you live away from Buena Vista-- you will need someone local to coordinate logistics and to deal with those pesky "unexpecteds" that come up from time to time.  At times supplies will need to be restocked (light bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc) but we charge a nominal restock fee of $20 plus supplies. We handle the entire process from start to finish so you can enjoy doing other things while we work for you.

I'm interested... how do I start?

First, you send us an email to the following: hosts@vividcolorado.com and we need you to include your name, phone number, the address of the property, and permission to go on the premises. Next, we will physically visit the property (it is helpful if we can get inside but not totally necessary at first) and we will make an assessment of what the property can rent for. Then we will advise you on what we think a nightly and weekly rental would bring according to the season but YOU will have final say on the rental price. Finally, in the event you feel comfortable moving forward, we will send you a contract to review and sign and then  we will begin marketing the property. (There are no charges associated with this process)

Can I set the parameters?

Of course. Your property is a valuable asset so we intend to do our part to protect it according to your wishes. So let us know if you want us to decline reservations of guests with pets or prohibit any smoking on premises. We will help you define your own screening preferences so our team will know which inquiries to accept and which to decline. You only need to tell us once. When a guest asks a question to which you have already supplied us an answer, we will store your answer and send it to him/her for immediate consideration. 

(NOTE: no prohibitions can be made denying rental based on sex, religion, creed, nationality, or other per federal guidelines under the Fair Housing Act and Colorado Law (see here)

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Vivid Colorado account by simply sending us an email. But we’d hate to see you go – if you were not satisfied with our service, we'd appreciate any feedback or the reason for your dissatisfaction so we can fix it for the future. Keep in mind that you may suspend service from time to time to allow for your personal usage and enjoyment of your property as time allows. You may suspend and engage service as frequently as you like provided we are given three (3) weeks notice in advance.

(NOTE: All of the guidelines dictating cancellation and service suspension are further outlined in the hosting contract.)

What about damages and upkeep-- who pays for that?

The benefit of going through sites like Airbnb, Vacasa, and VRBO is that they account for situations that sometimes involve items breaking or being vandalized. We will do our best to prevent the latter by screening people who we think are very respectful renters-- and we will ALWAYS obtain a security deposit. Notwithstanding, these sites do provide protection for up to $1,000,000 to a host for damages to property depending on what happened and what was damaged. They don't cover cash and securities, collectibles, rare artwork, jewelry, pets or personal liability. Therefore, as with any rental property, we recommend you carry your own insurance and notify your provider that your vacation home is a seasonal rental as well. Your insurer will advise you accordingly. Make sure you review and understand the terms of your insurance policy and what it covers and doesn't cover. Not all insurance will cover damage or loss to property caused by a guest renting your space. 

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